"When his new love is captured by an evil snake charmer, a young cobra and his scorpion best friend set out across the desert on a wild rescue mission. The girl of his dreams was snatched away. Now he'll brave the desert to save her -- with help from two colorful friends." - Netflix

Cast Edit

Robert Naylor as Ajar

Angela Galuppo as Eva

Daniel Brochu as Pitt

Mark Hauser as Gary

Brady Moffatt as Omar

Andrew Shaver as George

Nadia Verrucci as Pietra

Richard Dumont as Michael

? as Chief Chief

Arthur Holden as Sergeant

Elana Dunkleman as Emily

? as Lili and Lulu

Matthew Stefiuk as Serpent Eagle

? as Glowworm

Trailer Transcript Edit

Ajar: "Wow. Did you see that girl?"

Eva: "I'm Eva."

Ajar: "Ajar."

Eva: "I like to go further, you know, find out what's beyond these rocks. Are you coming?"

Ajar: "Hmm?"

Eva: "Uh!"

Ajar: "NO! How are we gonna find Eva now?"

Chief Chief: "Catch them!"

Pitt: "They're after us!"

Pietra: "If you still want to escape, I know a way."

Pitt: "Where are you?"

Ajar: "Eva!"

Gary: "I'm pretty well-trained in Kung Fu so you don't wanna get me mad. Uh! Ooh!"